rent the studio

— by the hour, by the day, on weekends, for longer periods —

You can rent

Large studio | 100sqm | Like-Ice (synthetic floor)
Small studio | 55sqm | dance floor
Workspace in Co-Working studio with desk and WLAN

Dance studios/ hour :
for 1-2 persons: 10,- €
from 3 persons: 15 €

Please contact us directly with your request:

In a quiet location in the beautiful west of Leipzig, Schönauer Straße 240.
Click here for directions!

New dance, creative and co-working space

With the IceLab Leipzig we are very happy to share very nice new rooms with the art and culture scene since beginning of the year.

We ourselves work in the larger of the two rooms (about 100sqm, see photo) on plastic ice. The Like-Ice lying there is slippery plastic and can be danced on and sampled with skates, shoes with light soles or in stockings. In addition, three lanes of dance carpet can be rolled out and used, covering an area of 4.5m * 10m. In the smaller of the two rooms (about 53sqm) are currently a few of our storage things and a large desk. The desk as well as the room itself can also be rented flexibly by the hour or day at fair prices. The floor is laminate.

Both rooms are heated and have a large row of windows on the long side, so daylight floods in. The view from the large room falls on the beautiful greenery of Schönauer Park, on which the building is directly located.

The IceLab’s new home is located on the second floor above a supermarket in Schönau in Leipzig’s west. It is within walking distance of tram and bus stops and offers parking. Unfortunately, the rooms are not barrier-free accessible.

Both rooms can be rented by the hour or day for your needs. The desk makes it possible for two people to work in a concentrated manner and is also excellent for undisturbed meetings.

Whether one-time or regular, just contact us with your needs! You can find the rental prices on our website: There as well you can see our current course schedule. Currently, these courses only take place in the larger room.