Artist Residenz


Performing Artist Residency in 2020

Dear friends, dancers and skaters,

I am proud to live this project in the fantastic room shown in the picture above from the event company creatEmotion. It is located in the heart of Leipzig, Germany, eight minutes foot walk or one tram stop from the main station. Accommodation options, grocery and restaurants are all together surrounding the place.

Although Covid-19 is following us anywhere we go right now and the rules need to be taken in consideration, I want you to be able to be part of this project.

This is why I open this room to you and your idea for a time frame before the end of the year. You can choose how long you want to be here. Unfortunately I can not cover any costs like accommodation, food or a certain fee for the space. But I can offer you an inspiring atmosphere, the connection to awesome people and the space an artist needs to develop, define and set the ideas, running through a creative mind.
From one day to one week – anything you might feel would work – you are welcome here.

Time frames are running out quickly as we are moving towards Christmas.

Send me your idea until October 4th – and reserve your space in 2020!

Contact me for more information.